Meet the Woofers!



This is Amber

Birthplace: Cayman Islands, she was abandoned with her brother and ended up in the Cayman Islands Humane Society. She came to me at 8 weeks old as a foster puppy and never left!

Favorite things: Amber loves to play Frisbee, run as fast as she can and cuddle.

Least favorite things:  She is a bit wary of new people therefore makes a great watchdog.

Motto: Live to Run!






This is Motley

Birthplace: Cayman Islands, he was surrendered with mother and siblings to the Humane Society. I got him at 12 weeks old.

Favorite things: Motley loves to swim, he can swim for miles! He also likes to snooze and meet new people.

Least favorite things: He hates fireworks and storms but survives them with his thundershirt.

Motto: Eat. Sleep. Swim.