healthy treats!

My dogs love their fruits and veggies! It makes for a healthy treat but there is also a danger of adding fruits and veggies to your dogs diet. Some fruits are toxic and whatever the fruit, always remember to remove rinds, inedible skins, seeds and pits. The last thing you want is something to get stuck in their system.

I make sure they only have small amounts at a time, sometimes I mix it with their dinner or give it as a treat. Giving a small amount of fruits and veggies is much better than high fat treats.

This is just my list but it’s always a good idea to do some additional research. Motley had pancreatitis a few years ago so I’m always extra cautious. I only ever give small amounts because I don’t want to give them an upset belly or have them choke.


So here’s my list of the good and the bad.

The Good

Pears – great source of vitamins

Cantaloupe – good for eyesight and loaded with vitamins

Watermelon – good source of lycopene

Green beans – full of omega -3

Apples – good source of antioxidants (but the seeds are toxic)

Sweet Potato – full of vitamins and a great chewy snack if dehydrated. (never give raw potatoes to dogs)

Blueberries – contains tannins and can help prevent urinary tract infections

Asparagus – full of vitamins

Pumpkin – get a tin of puree pumpkin. A scoop is full of fiber and great for an upset belly, both diarrhea and constipation

Bananas – good source of potassium

Mango – we have a mango tree and my dogs love them

Pineapple – good for digestion but only in small amounts as it’s high in sugar

Strawberries – antioxidants

Carrots – small chunks are easier to digest


The Bad

Grapes / raisins / currants – can cause kidney damage

Onions and garlic – toxic in all forms

Rhubarb – toxic

Mushrooms – toxic , especially wild mushrooms

Tomatoes – plant is toxic


Cherries / apricots – pulp is ok but the pit and plant is toxic


And don’t forget to introduce any new food slowly to avoid any issues!

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