a happy dog is a …

The most important lesson I’ve learnt with having two high energy dogs is this:

A tired dog is a happy dog.

Motley and Amber really can’t settle without a good walk. The amount of energy any dog has to burn is dependent the dogs age, breed and health, so compared to all the other dogs I know Motley and Amber are hyper!

They have different personalities both of which have their own demands. Amber needs to burn off the energy, if she doesn’t get enough exercise she is restless and destructive. Motley needs the mental stimulation, otherwise he is grumpy and irritable.

I have just about figured out what works best for my dogs and now I try to stick with our routine as much as possible.

They both spend an hour playing in the yard in the mornings and we go out every evening for a good walk. Even if we only have time for a short walk it helps. A walk around the block is a good way to get their senses going. Motley likes to track and Amber likes to investigate.

But.. I can’t get away with a short walk every evening! We go for a good 2 ½ mile run or 3 mile walk most days. They also love the car ride, it’s all part of the routine. Amber takes her Frisbee very seriously and Motley likes to practice his scent work.

We try to do something special at the weekends, they both love a good swim at beach. The time we spend together is also great for me too, I’m sure it helps us bond. I’m not sure that exercise will cure everything for every dog but for me it really does help. We recently went to the vet and they had their yearly injections so I must be doing something right because the vet says they are in great shape!

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